How Solar Works?

 How Solar Works


  • Rooftop panels contain silicon semiconductors that absorb sunlight and work even on cloudy days
  • DC current passes through the inverter and becomes AC current, the electricity used in your home
  • Excess electricity produced flows to the utility's grid and credits your account



 How Arizona Solar Concepts Works

  • Free Consultation: Fill out a quote to have our solar consultants evaluate your home and answer your questions.
  • Design: Once you’re approved, we will design the layout of your solar panel system to be placed on your home.
  • Installation: Our trained installers will come out to your home to install your solar panel system.
  • Completion: Enjoy saving on your electric bill and investing in a green future!

With a solar lease , you  generate your own clean power that costs LESS than your current utility company. Simply pay by the month, like you do now…but at a LOWER rate and start saving immediately.




Qualify For Solar

An Arizona Solar Concepts Specialist will come to your home, discuss your utility usage history, available tax credits and utility rebates, as well as provide an onsite evaluation of your roof, electrical setup, house orientation and architecture, for a complete solar solution.